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I’m currently at MSR Redmond to intern with Andy Wilson over the summer.
I’m back at Hasso Plattner Institute in September.

We are giving an ITS 2014 tutorial on "Hot Topics in Personal Fabrication Research".
You can sign up here once the registration is open.

Fabrication (PhD Topic)

Low-fi Fabrication

The concept of low-fi fabrication allows for fast iterative prototyping. In contrast to the traditional workflow, in which the 3D model is always fabricated as a slow hi-fidelity version, low-fi fabrication fabricates all intermediate versions as fast low-fidelity previews. Only at the end when the design is finished, the complete 3D model is printed. Low-fi fabrication can be implemented in different ways: With our project faBrickation we show one implementation that combines construction kit building blocks, such as Lego, and 3D printing. [...]

Fast 3D Printed Previews

Stefanie Mueller, Sangha Im, Serafima Gurevich, Alexander Teibrich, Lisa Pfisterer,
François Guimbretière, and Patrick Baudisch
In Proceedings of UIST '14 (Paper).
... more information soon ...

faBrickation: Fast 3D printing of Functional Objects by Integrating Construction Kit Building Blocks

Stefanie Mueller, Tobias Mohr, Kerstin Guenther,
Johannes Frohnhofen, and Patrick Baudisch
In Proceedings of CHI '14 (Paper). [BEST PAPER NOMINEE]
faBrickation a new approach to rapid prototyping of functional objects, such as the body of a head-mounted display. The key idea is to save 3D printing time by automatically substituting sub-volumes with standard building blocks — in our case Lego bricks [...]
 Paper (10.8MB) |  Slides (131.4MB) | Video | CHI talk | 
MAKE | Gizmodo | The Atlantic | 3ders | Golem | Heise | Hack a Day | 
3D Printing Industry | Technabob | RapidReview
[DEMO AT CHI'14]  CHI Video Showcase (2.0MB)

Laser-Cutting 3D Objects

Stefanie Mueller, Bastian Kruck, and Patrick Baudisch
In Proceedings of CHI '13 (Paper). [BEST PAPER AWARD]
We present LaserOrigami, a rapid prototyping system that produces 3D objects using a laser cutter. LaserOrigami is substantially faster than traditional 3D fabrication techniques such as 3D printing and unlike traditional laser cutting the resulting 3D objects require no manual assembly [...]
 Paper (7.7MB) |  Slides (148.1MB) | Video | CHI Talk | 
BBC Radio | Wired Design | ACM Interactions Feature | Ponoko | Tested | 
DVICE | TeachSTEMNow | Inhabitat | 3ders | Detektor.fm Radio | 
Designers' Open Conference
[DEMO AT CHI'13]  CHI Video Showcase (1.6MB)

Interactive Construction:
Interactive Fabrication of Functional Mechanical Devices

Stefanie Mueller, Pedro Lopes, and Patrick Baudisch
In Proceedings of UIST '12 (Paper).
constructable is an interactive drafting table that produces precise physical output in every step. Users interact by drafting directly on the workpiece using a hand-held laser pointer. The system tracks the pointer, beautifies its path, and implements its effect by cutting the workpiece using a fast high-powered laser cutter. [...]
 Paper (10.1MB) |  Slides (107.9MB) | Video | UIST Talk | BibTex
IDG | New Scientist | Wired Design | Creative Applications |  Gizmodo | Tested | 
Engadget Germany | Wired | ACM Interactions Demo Hour | Tecmundo
[Demo at CHI'13]  Interactivity (4.7MB) | [DEMO AT TEI'13] Video TEI'13 demo

Previous Research

CapStones and ZebraWidgets: Sensing Stacks of Building Blocks, Dials and Sliders on Capacitive Touch Screens

Liwei Chan, Stefanie Mueller, Anne Roudaut, and Patrick Baudisch
In Proceedings of CHI '12, pp. 2189-2192 (Note).
Recent research proposes augmenting capacitive touch pads with tangible objects, enabling a new generation of mobile applications enhanced with tangible objects, such as game pieces and tangible controllers. In this paper, we extend the concept to capacitive tangibles consisting of multiple parts, such as stackable gaming pieces and tangible widgets with moving parts. [...]
 Paper (6.6MB) |  Slides (198.5MB) | Video | CHI Talk | BibTex
Adafruit Industries | Touch User Interfaces

Using Temporal Video Annotation as a Navigational Aid for Video Browsing

Stefanie Mueller, Gregor Miller, Sidney Fels
In Adjunct Proceedings of UIST '10, 445-446 (Poster).
 Poster (1.8MB) |  Abstract (0.4MB) | BibTex

An End-to-End Framework for Multi-view Video Content: Creating Multiple-Perspective Hypervideo to View on Mobile Platforms

Gregor Miller, Sidney Fels, Michael Ilich, Martin Finke, Thomas Bauer, Kelvie Wong, Stefanie Mueller
In Proceedings of ICEC '11, 337-342 (Note).
 PDF (1.7MB) | BibTex

ROOM#81 – Agent-Based Instrument for Experiencing Architectural and Vocal Cues

Nicolas d’Alessandro, Roberto Calderon, Stefanie Mueller
In Proceedings of NIME '11, pp. 132-135 (Installation Note).
ROOM#81 is a digital art installation which explores how visitors can interact with architectural and vocal cues to intimately collaborate. The main space is split into two distinct areas separated by a soft wall, i.e. a large piece of fabric tensed vertically. Movement within these spaces and interaction with the soft wall is captured by various kinds of sensors. People’s activity is constantly used by an agent in order to predict their actions [...]
 PDF (1.4MB) | Video | BibTex


11/2013 - xx/xxxx PhD student in HCI, advisor: Patrick Baudisch
04/2011 - 10/2013 IT-Systems Engineering (MSc), Hasso Plattner Institute
10/2010 - 03/2011 Entrepreneurship, University of Liechtenstein
10/2006 - 09/2010 Computer Science in Media (BSc), University of A. S. Harz


06/2014 - 08/2014 intern with Andy Wilson at Microsoft Research Redmond
02/2010 - 08/2010 intern with Sidney Fels at the Media and
Graphics Interdisciplinary Center
, University of British Columbia


2011 Best Thesis of Woman in Engineering (2nd, 3000€)
2011 Business Plan Competition Liechtenstein, High-Technology (1st, 3500CHF)
2010 German Academic Exchange Service DAAD Scholarship (4000€)
2006 Youth Culture Award Saxony Anhalt (2nd, 2000€)

Chairing, Reviewing, Student Volunteering

Program Committee Member for CHI'15 (Interaction Techniques and Devices)
Student Volunteer Co-Chair for UIST'14
Reviewer for UIST'14, UIST '13, UIST '12, CHI'14, CHI '13, CHI '12,
SIGGRAPH '13, DIS'14, TEI'14, TEI '13, MobileHCI '11
PC Member for UbiComp PerFab Workshop
Student Volunteer at UIST '13, UIST '12, MobileHCI '11
Memberships: ACM, GRAND (part of NCE)

External Talks

30/08/14 University of Washington, dub lunch talk
17/06/14 MSR Redmond, Natural Interaction Research Group
24/10/13 Designers' Open Conference on Rapid Prototyping
30/09/13 Media Interaction Lab
13/05/13 MSR Cambridge, Sensors and Devices Group
23/04/13 Rapid Prototyping Panel, TSB Technologiestiftung Berlin

Teaching Assistant

Human Computer Interaction Research
HCI Building Interactive Devices and Computer Vision
HCI Research Project: Touch, Depth Cameras and 3D Interaction
Computer Graphics: Concepts of Computer Graphics
Coding 1, 2, 3: Programming with Java
Interface Lab: Coding for iPhone/iPod touch
Computer Science in Media Multimediaauthoring